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Meet the artist


 My name's Taymin AKA "B0KAH" and I'm on a life mission to capture the perfect moment.

I've been practicing photography for most of my adult life. My love for photography originated from high-school where I participated in a photography course at H.B.Beal Secondary School. It was during my time at Beal that I was taught the fundamentals of photography and the art of 35mm film processing and printing. There was NOTHING as satisfying as watching all that hard work of  meticulously shooting and processing a whole roll of film appear right before your eyes under the dim red glow of the darkroom lights.

I can still smell the vinegar.

Although my film days are long over I still find ways to experiment and love photography today. Whether that means travelling to new places or dreaming up photoshoot ideas with friends; I am always thinking of ways to incorporate new styles and ideas into my photography.

I am not currently working as a "career photographer" although I could very well see myself filling that position one day. Until then I will continue to bring my passion to the art that is photography, while having a ton of fun doing it.

Thanks for visiting my website! I hope you find my work thought provoking and visually pleasing!